Bandanna Ranch Homeowner's Association

2019  Annual Dues and Snow Removal Assessment​ 

2019 Bandanna Ranch

HOA Dues and Snow Assessment

Bandanna Ranch has been blessed with an overabundance of Snow this past winter, hopefully helping to reduce the affects of our many years of drought.  But because of the amount of moisture we've received, it required us to dig deep into our reserve account used for such emergencies.  Fortunately, we had extra funds in our reserve (emergency) account from our last snow assessment to meet the needs of the ranch over the winter months.  It is now necessary to replenish this account .  Therefore, the Bandanna Ranch HOA Board of Trustees has elected to once again issue a Snow Removal Assessment.  This year, a snow assessment amount of $50.00 per lot is being imposed.  Additionally, in order to keep up with expenses required to properly fund the Home Owner's Association, annual dues have been increased to $210.00 annually.

Additionally:  late payment penalty fees are now being assessed.

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