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Fruitland experienced a huge fire risk due to dry conditions in our area in 2018.  That risk came to fruition this summer as the Dollar Ridge Fire swept through our area with such great force and magnitude.

On Saturday, October 20, 2018, Bandanna Ranch HOA met with Nathan Robinson and Travis Wright (representing the Fruitland VFD) to discuss fire prevention options for the Ranch.  The topic of developing a Defensible Space around dwellings was discussed.  If you are interested in learning your specific lot's requirements, we highly recommend you contact Travis D. Wright.  Travis is an Assistant WUI Coordinator for the State of Utah, Dept. of Natural Resources.  Travis will explain what Defensible Spaceentails and will gladly work with the property owner to bring your lot into compliance.  Basically, Travis works with fire crews so that, when they are not working/fighting a fire, they will build the agreed upon Defensible Space on your lot as needed.  This is a FREE service to the lot owner.  The expenses incurred will be covered via a Grant from the Fire Service to aid in preventing fires in our area.  Travis owns his own "chipper" that can be used for clearing your lot of dead wood and other fire hazards, etc.

For more information, please contact:

Travis D. Wright

(385) 505-4030




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Know Before You Build

Duchesne County has a trailer removal program that provides a financial incentive for property owners to remove derelict mobile homes or trailers from their property.  The county pays up to $750.00 for removal of single wides at least 40 feet long and up to $500.00 for trailers under 40 feet long.  Double wides receive up to $1,000.00.  The owner may do the work or hire a contractor. 

Tipping fees at the landfill are reimbursed.

For further information, contact the Community Development Department at 435-738-1152 or email mhyde@duchesne.utah.gov.Type your paragraph here.

​​​​​Bandanna Ranch Local Area Contractors - Partial List

General Contractors:
                             Young Const.       Mike Young          435-823-5276
                             Fruitland Rock     Ryan Clark         435-828-4700
                             Yates Const.        Richard Yates       435-823-2399

 Electrical Contractors:

                             Jolley Electrical    Troy Jolley           801-361-4090
                             GS Electrical        Cody                     435-823-5613

                             Easter Electrical   Rick Easter          801-718-0468     

HVAC Contractors:
                             Hatch Heating      Richard Hatch      801-209-1535
                             Orange Mountain Steve                    435-722-2102

Snow Removal:     

                                  Richard (Rich) Yates                        435-823-2399

                             Bill Boyd                                           801-225-2332

Septic and Drain Service:

                              Webb's Rooter and Drain Service     435-621-7211

                                   Keeping the Basin Flowin'


Weed Control:

                            Rex Broadhead  -  Duchesne County Weed Control  

                                                              435-671-2507 or  435-738-2745

                              Rex offers weed spray, at cost, to Duchesne County

                           residents on Monday's 12 - 5.  Contact Rex for more info.