Due to extreme fire danger, effective immediately, there are to be absolutely NO FIRES outside on Bandanna Ranch this summer!  We have already experienced several fires in the area, including a fire in Bandanna that was started from a fire pit.  More recent human caused fires have destroyed 2 homes and some out buildings.  The Dollar Ridge fire continues to burn south of Fruitland.



The dumpsters on the Ranch were originally added as a service to Bandanna lot owners to throw away their HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE. They have become a NUISANCE!  They are being abused by people throwing in construction materials, large appliances, rolls of carpet, couches and other items that need to be taken to the dump.  These dumpsters are placed on private property that was graciously donated to us by 2 Bandanna residents.  They are tired of garbage over flowing onto their property.  Imagine garbage all over YOUR property!  Please follow the dumpster rules! 

BE WARNED!  If this continues, the dumpsters will be removed on October 31, 2018!


Our roads are being torn up by people doing donuts or burn outs with their atvs etc.  It is very expensive to repair our roads!  Please do not treat our roads as a playground!  It is up to all of us to make sure any of our guests or family members understand this as well.  If extra road work is needed due to negligence, then expect the yearly dues to increase!

Bandanna Ranch and Thunder Ridge Airpark reside within a gated community and are governed by respective Homeowner's Associations.

It is each landowner's responsibility to know and follow the rules as set forth by the HOAs.

Like most family communities, the ranch is not immune from occasional lawlessness such as break-ins and traffic violations. We encourage all lot owner's to secure their property when away, and to be alert for any suspicious activities, and to report such activities to the land owner, the  respective trustee (see CONTACTS)  

and/or Law Enforcement.

In case of Emergency:

Dial  911

Duchesne County Sheriff:

(435) 738-2424

Bandanna Ranch Homeowner's Association Dues are currently $185.00 per year, and payable to:

Bandanna Ranch HOA

HC63 Box 270201

Fruitland, Utah  84027

Fruitland, Utah is an unincorporated community in western Duchesne County, near the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation.

As local Real Estate Broker, Eileen Anderson, describes it:

"We are a one-horse town where things are a little backwards.  Your garage needs to be bigger than your cabin - you'll have more toys than furniture.  Guitars, laughter and friends catch the sunset.  Leave the stove behind - firepits and barbeques serve up a chef's best retire here, be a snowbird, spend weekends, or just come up once in a while when you need recharging.  The camping can be as primitive as you can handle or as luxurious as you need." 





This DumpsterFire occurred over a weekend

at the main entrance. 

Please, do not place hot coals in the Dumpsters!

This activity could result in devastating results

for other lot owners and the surrounding area.

Valuable resources are used to extinguish these fires, including the utilization of the

Fruitland Volunteer Fire Department.


(please click on the link below)

A photo of Bandanna Ranch's first grass fire of the season (6/3/2018).  Forecasters predict a dryer season than normal this year.

Please use caution and be


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Fruitland area


We are trying to make it easier to access info about Bandanna Ranch. The BEST way is by coming here to our web site.  Please check this site regularly and spread the word about it to friends/family/guests etc.